Further online books from Cambridge in mathematics

As last year the TUHH library bought Online-Books from the publisher Cambridge University Press neu erworben. A lot of the online books are from mathematics. Access is possible only within TUHH intranet. Here is a choice of the books:

Cambridge Books online

TUHH library hybrid

STEP-CoverPerspectives of the near future are the topics of the Structure and development plan of the Hamburg University of Technology for the years 2013 to 2018 (written in German language), which has been published in spring this year.

The TUHH library is mentioned as one of the “modern service units” of the TUHH. Freely adapting the motto “Despite the rapid digital development the printed book and the quality of learning spaces must not be forgotten!” you find here as translation from the German the sentences in the plan concerning the library:

“Because of the rapid development of IT infrastructure and continually changing expectations of users – e.g. due to mobile end devices – the TUHH library have been urged to meet new challenges over and over again. Within the scope of change management ongoing advancement of IT competences is necessary for library staff.
In line with demand over the years more and better working and learning spaces for students has been arranged. At the same time students ask for spaces of group work as well as single places for working alone.
The distribution of expenses for the acquisition of books and journals as well as of access to information sources like databases is predominated by digital media with about 65% in the year 2012. Demand and costs will increase onwards. For active learning students favor printed issues of textbooks and studies literature frequently as well, so that the „hybrid“ library has to serve its users with both forms.
In the future, e-learning, teaching, research and learning at TUHH will be supported by the library in areas of ‘digital information culture’. Part of this are issues of electronic publishing and intellectual property rights as well as authenticity of digital information – including the increased visualization of research results through Open Access – for example via the institutional repository of the TUHH TUBdok. Tightly focused activities with topics like information literacy, research methods, academic writing and reference management are also enclosed.”
(p. 32 of pdf version)

Sustainability – what is that to me ??

On the occasion of the 1st Sustainability Day at TUHH, the TUHH library contributes to, a few words about the TUHH library striving for sustainability.

Nature in town

Roof greening at TUHH library

As a library, we contribute to various fields of sustainability already:

You, our users behave resource-friendly by borrowing books, since printed books are used repeatedly. We offer downloads and scanning options, additionally we lend USB sticks. This may help to use less paper.

The roof of our building, occupied in 1991, is planted on all three levels. The compact shelving in the stack efficiently saves space when storing printed books. The rotunda brings a lot of brightness inside the building – in some times also a little too much heat. Since the end of 2012 new LED lights along the window front have brought more light to the workplaces at approximately the same power consumption. At the end of the opening times, our Internet computers turn off automatically in the Reading Room. The internal office workplaces use particularly durable printer with the label “Energy Star”. We have already recycled printer cartridges for many years.

And of course we have other goals for the near future : Would you support us in the separation of waste from packaging, paper and residual waste? To realise somewhat more complicated will be a modern management of lighting in the reading area.

Access to all Wiley online books

Until the end of the year all online books of the publisher Wiley are available via the Wiley Online Library. Your use of the online books will co-decide which books will be accessible permanently afterwards.

Wiley Online Library Logo

You may know from our blog that the TUHH library regularly have bought online books from Wiley within the last years, often according your concrete acquisition proposals. Now we enlarge this offering.

In the moment you find in our catalog TUBfind only the Wiley titles bought until march 2014. The input of the missing data is in preparation. The best possibility to explore which online books are available for your subject beneath the normal seach feature of the Wiley Online Library is its browsing function. After a click to view all products of the “Topic” you are interested in, filtering for online books is possible:

Browsing in the Wiley Online Library:

Browsing in the Wiley Online Library

Filtering for online books on Mechanical Engineering:


Filtering for online books at Wiley

Writing till the night …

Kleine Nacht des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens

The first “Kleine Nacht des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens” (Little or Short Night of academic writing) will take place at TUHH in the foyer and rooms around Audimax 1 on Wednesday May 7, 2014 from 3 pm to 10 pm.

The “Kleine Nacht” include stimulation and animation around academic writing and research methods for students and lecturers. It is organized by the TUHH Student Counseling Center in cooperation with the students’ union executive committee AStA, the TUHH library, the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL), University Sports, and the TU Computing Centre as well as several internal and external contributors.


Concentrated and silent active work is possible in special writing rooms. The program (flyer with program) includes motivational talks (in German language only!) as well as workshops. Writing consultation is offered as well as consultation on scholarly research methods, on finding subject information and on knowledge organisation through reference management! Consultation is also possible in English language!

Application for the “Kleinen Nacht” is possible through the learning management system Stud.IP. But you are also welcome without registration.

TUBfind – simply more

Integration of further data now improves searching the literature via TUBfind appreciably. You clearly find more journal articles at present.

TUBfind Recherche: mathematics kreyszig

Therefore your hits appear in two categories: “Books and more” and “Articles and more”. This separation makes surveying the list of results easier.

Are you a student and looking for textbooks? In this case “Books and more” is the right choice.

Or are you interested in current research? Please choose “Articles and more”.

The advanced and modified TUBfind is offered to present the digital and printed resources of the TUHH library more reliably and still more easily. Please leave your feedback and comments here.

Access to upper reading room

Fahrstuhl-AusfallMurphy at work :-(

The stairway to the upper reading room is closed this week because of carpeting works. Unfortunately our elevator between levels has more or less stopped working. Please follow the signs for a detour via the office stairway.

Unfortunately the upper reading room can therefore only be opened between 9 am and 6.45 pm.

The stairs should be open again by the end of the week.