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2. Kleine Nacht des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens an der TUHH 2015

The second “Kleine Nacht des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens” (Little or Short Night of academic writing) will take place at TUHH in the rooms around Audimax 1 (H – Am Schwarzenberg Campus 5) on Wednesday May 20, 2015 from 3 pm to 10 pm. The “Kleine Nacht” include stimulation and animation around academic writing and research methods for students and lecturers.

Application for the “Kleine Nacht” is possible through the learning management system Stud.IP. But you are also welcome without registration.

Concentrated and silent active work is possible in special writing rooms. The program (flyer) includes motivational talks (in German language only!) as well as workshops. Writing consultation is offered as well as consultation on scholarly research methods, on finding subject information and on knowledge organisation through reference management! Consultation is also possible in English language!

The “Kleine Nacht” is organized by the TUHH Student Counseling Center in cooperation with the students’ union executive committee AStA, the TUHH library, the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL), University Sports, and the TU Computing Centre as well as several internal and external contributors.


eBooks from IOP as ePub files

About 20 eBooks of the publisher Institute of Physics from the years 2013 and 2014 are now available within TUHH intranet.
IOP eBooks

IoP eBooks contain introductions in important basics of physics and technology. Here a few examples:

Especially, IOP eBooks are not only offered as pdf file, but also in the open standard for eBooks ePub. So you can read them better on your tablet, eBook reader or – if need be – on your smartphone.

TUBdok Relaunch

TUBdok the open access repository of TUHH started in 2002. With TUBdok, members of TUHH can easily publish scientific content free and unhindered to anybody in the world. You can use TUBdok for publishing your Ph.D. as well as for publishing your post- or pre-prints of article in paywalled journals (“green road”).

In the last few years TUBdok has undergone a couple of small changes, but it stayed more or less the same. That is to change today: it is the date of the TUBdok relaunch. A new layout makes TUBdok easily identifiable as service of TUHH Library. But of course there is a lot more to discover besides layout:

  • We have added more persistent identifiers:
    All publications will receive DOIs and Handles next to URN.
  • Choose the most suitable creative commons licence:
    Let yourself be guided through the selection process or even go for CC0.
  • You need to observe an embargo?
    Indicate when your work may be published, then let TUBdok do the rest.
  • Subscribe to new publications:
    Stay up-to-date with new publications via RSS or email.

There are about 1,200 publications on TUBdok already. And of course all of them will stay accessible via URN and their old URL. Additionally they are assigned Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). DOIs are the most commonly used identifiers in online publication business.

We would be very happy, if you gave our new TUBdok a try:

For feedback, please comment on this article or send an email to Moreover our Subject Librarians will be happy to discuss specific questions regarding your future publication.

New: Bookscanner on the ground floor

book2net Spirit - ProduktbildFor quite some time already we are offering you a bookscanner on the 1st floor. Since the offer is well accepted and used, we decided to enhance our service with a second bookscanner. You can find it at “PC-Pool 5″ on the ground floor.

The new book2net scanner is the same modell as the one on the 1st floor with just a slightly modified design. Essentially nothing changes in the usage. Just a document to scan and an usb stick is required (did you know: you can borrow usb sticks for 7 days at the loan desk). Scans are started using the touchscreen or the buttons on the device itself and can subsequently be saved on the stick. Our experience is that the scanner works without nearly ever running into trouble. Anyway, for large scans we suggest saving on regular intervalls, e.g. by chapters.

The following product video illustrates the handling of the bookscanner well:

Should you run into problems anyway, please refer to the information desk.

More Content for Beluga

Beluga – the catalog for Hamburg Libraries – started in  december 2012. From today on, beluga offers a lot more content: millions of articles can be searched via the new article tab. If available links to full text are shown. You can also check the holdings of the other Hamburg Libraries.

Of course: If you are are using TUBfind at TUHH, you are already accustomed to  searching within millions of entries. Also data from Web od Science and wiso databases are only included in TUBfind. But if you are interested in finding out which literature is available within Hamburg Libraries, then you should give the new Beluga a try:

Online books from MIT Press

550 eBooks from the areas computer scineces, engineering and media (time range from 1943 to 2014) have been available ince the beginning of the year.

MIT Press, affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the well-respected university presses in the United States. Books from MIT Press normally are characterized by engineering referred content of long-lasting quality, which also reflect sociocultural development in technology.

The books are available within the TUHH intranet by using the platform IEEE Xplore. In the moment the volumes are not included in the TUBfind catalog and can only be found via IEEE Xplore.

MIT Press ebooks on IEEE Xplore platform

An important focus of the publisher ist the area of “Computing & Processing (Hardware/Software)”. Below you find a subjective selection of further online books.

About methods:

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Citavi Update 4.5

Citavi LogoCitavi’s new update includes improvements on Citavi picker. Unfortunately Citavi’s digital signature had to be updated recently. For this reason, the update cannot be automatically detected by older versions and installed from within Citavi. To install the update, please download the setup from the Citavi website.

Please feel free to contact us on any questions regarding Citavi and reference management: Thomas Hapke & Beate Rajski (